At Cleveland Country Store Ltd we stock a large amount of aquatic products ranging from gravel to filter media to aquarium tanks. We stock tropical, cold water and pond fish alongside all the relevant health care and feed products.

Please call in and see aour fantastic aquarium set-up containing a large veriety of tropical and coldwater fish of all shapes and sizes.

Aquatics centre

Our fish department contains a large stock of food, accessories and remedies to meet your requirements.

Fish Tanks

We stock a range of aquarium fish tanks that range from small plastic and glass goldfish bowls right up to the large Juwel Rio and Vison range. We have many different shapes and sizes whether it’s for a youngster or the keen fish enthusiast.

The major brands we stock are Juwel, Fluval, Hagen and Interpet.

Fish Pond Equipment

Pond Accessories

Here at Cleveland Country Store Ltd we stock a large range of pond equipment, Ranging from nets to pond liner.

Pond Pumps and Filtration

We stock a range of brands and have pumps to suit your needs whether you need a small output for a small ornamental feature or a large scale pump for a pond. We stock different types of filter systems including pressurised or gravity fed systems or all in one systems, also most are available with an ultra violet light.

Pond Fish Food

NishiKoi and Tetra are the main varieties of pond fish food we stock, covering all types of dietary needs for Koi and Goldfish Etc. The pond pellets range from small 400g units to large 10kg packs.

Preformed Ponds and Liners

Pond Liners are 3m, 4m, 6m, by whatever length you require.

Fish Food Tropical / Coldwater

We keep in stock a variety of brands of fish food.