Poultry Feed

We keep in stock a vast range of poultry food to suit any occasion whether its for fattening your turkeys or your new hatchlings to give them the best possible start in life.

We currently stock:

  • Layers Pellets 
  • Layers Meal 
  • Chick Crumbs
  • Growers/ Rearer Pellets 
  • Broken Maize Grits
  • Mixed Poultry Corn 
  • Recleaned Wheat 
  • Quail / Partridge Pellets
  • Goose and Duck Crumb
  • Goose and Duck Pellets
  • Fenland Waterfoul Pellets
  • Turkey Pellets (to order)
  • Turkey Growers/ Fattner (to order)
  • Turkey Crumbs (to order)

We keep in stock most of the products listed above throughout the year, but unfortunatly some products are only available in various seasons. please contact us to check availability. Many of these are also available in small 3kg packs.

Poultry Feeders / Drinkers

We stock a vast range of Poultry feeders and drinkers to suit any size Chickens, Turkeys or Quail.

Poultry Health and Care

Health and well being is paramount when keeping livestock. We stock many different products to meet all your poultry needs. Ranging from Anti-Peck to Poultry Spices.