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There’s no escaping the fact that cats can be choosy, fickle, selfish and wilful. But once you’ve experienced the nuzzle of a pert little whiskery nose, a leap on to your lap for a cosy snuggle and the sound of a purr you’ll know exactly why cats are so utterly irresistible. With a new cat, a playful kitten or a dignified senior, your first move should be to register your pet with a vet and arrange a general check up.

All cats, from a tiger to a tabby are carnivores. They must eat meat to survive because it contains essential amino acids that they can’t make themselves. They require high levels of protein and for that reason they are naturally picky eaters and very sensitive to a change in their diet. Cats generally select food based on temperature, preferring food at body temperature, the smell and taste. You can leave dry foods out all day and your cat will chose to eat small amounts at a time when it feels hungry and will in turn tend to drink more water. If your are feeding wet food your cat will eat more in one setting but you wont be able to leave wet food out all day. Wet food is best serverd at room temperature at set times through the day this is why most wet cat food is sold in small foil pouches.

It is important that you give your cat the right food to deliver all the nutrients they need and adjust the amount you give to keep your cat fit, healthy and trim. We supply tried and trusted brands of toys, scratch posts, and a large variety of medicines to keep your cat happy and playful.