Animal Bedding in Cleveland

We stock many different types of bedding for both small animals to horses.

In large bales we currently keep in stock:

  • Top quality dust-free shavings
  • Bedmax shavings
  • Easi-Bed shavings/chippings
  • Bedwell chopped Rape Straw
  • Bedwell chopped Wheat Straw
  • Walmsey premier bed cardboard flakes
  • Chopped newspaper
  • Megazorb recycled paper clumps
  • White tissue paper bedding

In large bales we currently keep in stock:

  • Small, Med, Large Dust-free Shavings
  • Small, Med, Large Meadow Hay
  • Small, Med, Large Straw
  • Hamster/Gerbil Shredded Paper
  • Hamster/Gerbil Shredded Jcloth
  • Hamster/Gerbil Cotton Wool
  • Lemon scented shavings
  • Lavender scented shavings
  • Burgess Excell Rabbit/Guinea pig hay

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