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Allen & Page complete horse food

Calm and Condition

Fast Fibre

Old Faithfull

Ride and Relax

Vetran Vitality

Weight Gain

Baileys complete horse food

Fibre Plus Nuggets (previously badminton)


No.1 - Cooked Cereal Meal

No.2 - Working Horse & Pony Cubes

No.4 - Topline Conditioning Cubes

No.14 - Lo-cal Balancer

Dengie complete horse food

Alfa A Lite
Alfa A Mollasses Free
Alfa A Original
Alfa Beet
Alfalfa Pellets
Healthy Hooves
Healthy Hooves Mollasses Free
Healthy Tummy
Hi-Fi Original with Apple
Hi-Fi Original
Hi-Fi Good Do-er
Hi-Fi Lite
Hi-Fi Mollasses Free
Hi-Fi Senior

Dodson & Horrell complete horse food

Sixteen Plus Cubes
Sixteen Plus Mix
Alfalfa Chaff
Barley Rings
Build-up Cubes
Build-up Mix
Cush Care
Just Grass
Leisure Mix
Mare & Youngstock
Pasture mix
Racehorse Mix /Cubes
Rolled Oats
Safe & Sound
Stud Cubes
Superior Bruised Oats
Whole Oats
I'ansons (British Horse Feeds) complete horse feed
Fibre Beet
Speedi Beet
Flaked Barley
Flaked Maize
Majestic Mix
Rolled Oats

Spillers complete horse food

Conditioning Cubes

Conditioning Mix
Conditioning Fibre
Cool Fibre
Cool Mix
Graze On
Happy Hoof
High Fibre Cubes
Horse & Pony Cubes
Meadow Herb
Readi Grass
Response Cubes
Response Mix (High/ Low)
Senior Conditioning Mix
Senior Fibre
Senior Maintenance Mix
Stud & Youngstock
Spillers Original Balancer
Spillers Lite Balancer

Winergy complete horse food

Equilibrium Balancer

Equilibrium Low Energy
Equilibrium Medium Energy
Equilibrium High Energy
Equilibrium Growth
Equilibrium Senior

Other complete horse food


Molichaff Hoofkind
Molichaff Calmer
Molichaff Original
Molichaff Vetran
Molichaff Showshine
Rewen Barbery Readimash Extra
Sugarbeet Nuts
Sugarbeet Shreds
Super Molichop
Pegasus value Mix
Pegasus Value Nuts

Balancer horse food

Blue Chip Original
Blue Chip Pro
Equilibrium Balancer
Spillers Original Balancer
Spillers Lite Balancer
Top Spec Feed Balancer
Top Spec Lite Balancer

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