12kg British Turkey & Millet (Adult)


Wheat and wheat gluten free British turkey and millet complete food for dogs.For a dog that has food intolerances, this is an ideal choice. The single source of protein, turkey, is highly digestible and very palatable, ideal for fussy eaters. This Healthy Paws recipe is naturally high in vitamin C and anti oxidants, supporting the immune system and urinary tract. Its insoluble fibre and the pre-biotic nature of millet aids good intestinal health helping to reduce flatulence.

12kg Grass Fed British Lamb & Brown Rice (Adult)


Delicious grass fed British lamb with vegetables, herbs, fruits and brown rice. An excellent choice for dogs that have become intolerant to other protein sources, this recipe is naturally high in vitamin C and anti-oxidants, supporting the immune system and urinary tract. The finest quality ingredients provide maximum levels of digestibility resulting in fewer and firmer stools and its oils create and maintain a healthy shiny coat.

12kg Game & Millet (Adult)


A mixture of duck, venison and rabbit makes this a delicious recipe.The Healthy Paws Game and Millet dog food is wheat and wheat gluten free and contains high quality oils for a healthy, shiny coat. A cluster of special natural ingredients including DL-Methionine helps to limit the amount of ammonia created helping to prevent lawn burn. Ideal for smaller breeds it has a smaller crunchy kibble promoting good oral health.


A complete meal for adult dogs containing rabbit, such and brown rice. The natural goodness of rabbit meat is highly digestible and ideal for fussy eaters. This delicious recipe has many benefits, like aiding the prevention of flea and worm infestation, and limiting the amount of ammonia produced, which is the cause of lawn burn. Wheat and wheat gluten free, the hypoallergenic ingredients help prevent habitual paw chewing and licking caused by food intolerances.